About Me

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog and my personal page :)

I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself and my experiences in gymnastics. I am a retired USAG competitive gymnast. I began training L5 in the 1990s and continued on in the competitive world for about six years. I have a total of nearly twelve years of gymnastics experience, combining my recreational and competitive training. Unfortunately, injury took me out of the sport eventually, but gymnastics has continued to be an enormously influential part of my life.

I currently coach at the recreational level for an advanced girls group. The girls I coach range in ability from about the equivalent of USAG level 4 to level 6. They are great kids and are very enthusiastic about gymnastics, which is great to see! I really enjoy coaching and hope to eventually open my own competitive gym.

My objective with this blog is to answer any questions that current or prospective gymnasts have about their sport. Of course it's also open to parents of gymnasts, fans, other coaches, or anyone even mildly interested in the sport of gymnastics! This blog is also a place to share personal achievements or struggles, news, information, opinions, and thoughts about the sport of gymnastics.

All information for gymnast biographies is compiled from Wikipedia unless otherwise noted. The bios on this site are meant to be a quick reference for you, but you can check out Wikipedia, news articles, gymnast fan sites, official twitter accounts, memoirs, and all kinds of other resources for more information!

Contacting me: gymnasticsuniverseblog@gmail.com