Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shannon Miller Biography

Shannon Miller biography
March 10, 1977

Country Represented: USA

Coach: Steve Nunno, Peggy Liddick

Best Event: During Shannon's competition years, she racked up the most gold medals for her performances on beam, an event that she was incredibly consistent and solid on. She was also known to be very entertaining to watch on floor. She has been recognized for her artistry on both of these events. Her routines often included some really beautiful choreographic elements.

Best Known For: Shannon Miller was one of the leading members of the Magnificent Seven team at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, where the USA women won gold and Shannon earned an individual gold on beam. Although Shannon also participated in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, the 1992 Magnificent 7 team probably comes to mind for most people when thinking of Shannon Miller. In general, she is recognized as "the most decorate gymnast, male or female, in U.S. history." She earned a total of 16 medals from World and the Olympic Games throughout her career.

Currently: Miller retired officially in 2000 after making a brief comeback to the gymnastics world but dropping out of the Sydney Olympic Trials due to a knee injury. She is now married and has a son, Rocco, born in 2009. Shannon received a law degree from Boston College as well as a B.B.A in marketing and entrepreneurship, which she is putting to use in the world of business; Shannon now spends her time giving gymnastics clinics, speaking at gyms, and developing workout videos.

Interesting Fact: Shannon is the only female athlete who has been inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame more than once - she earned this honor as an individual and as a member of the gold medal winning team.

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