Monday, May 9, 2011

Chellsie Memmel Biography

Chellsie Memmel

DOB: June 23, 1988

Country Represented: USA

Coaches: Andy Memmel (that's right, her father, who talks about what it's been like to coach his own daughter all the way to the Olympics here) coached Chellsie at his gym, M&M Gymnastics, at the beginning of her career. For a while Chellsie was coached by Jim Chudy at Salto Gymnastics before returning to M&M to be coached by her father again after the 2004 Olympics.

Best Event: Having dealt with many injuries throughout her career, Chellsie often had to scratch certain apparatuses, so determining Chellsie's best event is difficult. She is known to be great on beam and bars, primarily because she often had to skip out on vault or floor to avoid aggravating her injuries.

Best Known For: Chellsie is known for her participation in the 2008 Olympics as well as her position as alternate at the 2004 Olympics, but she is also well-known for being 2005 All-Around Champion at Worlds. She is tied with Shawnn Johnson as the 5th most decorated female American gymnast.

Currently: Chellsie is still practicing and competing. She recently bought her first home in West Allis, WI. You can get all kinds of updates on Chellsie on her twitter, @cmemmel.

Interesting Fact: Chellsie's youngest sister, Skyler, currently competes with M&M gymnastics and recently won every event at her sate championships and qualified for Nationals!


  1. I was excited to write this one for you guys because Chellsie is from my home state! I actually used to compete against her sister Skyler (along with the rest of the M&M team) at a lot of the state- or nation-wide invitationals held at Salto gymnastics and other gyms in the area. I met Chellsie briefly after winning AA at the national invite at Salto, which I believe was in 2004. She seems like a really nice girl. Certainly a lot of talent in that family.

  2. OMG! that's awesome!!! Sounds like such a cool experience!!! I'd be in aw!!

  3. Yeah, it was really cool! Some of my teammates who were in a higher level than me at the time got to train with Chellsie briefly at Lake Owen, too. Imagine how fantastic that would be!! And it's pretty fun following Skyler's progress and knowing how far she could go in the sport, especially considering that I stood on a podium with her once!! :)