Sunday, January 6, 2013

ChalkBucket opens new "sister site," Gymnastics Fans

Hey guys,

I just received an email from the staff of the Chalk Bucket - a discussion forum for gymnasts, parents, and coaches - saying they have created a new site called The new forum will operate as a sister site to the Chalk Bucket with more of a focus on discussion by the fans of men's and women's elite and NCAA gymnastics. The original Chalk Bucket site will stay up and running, but the new site will cater more to the average spectator. So if you're a gym fan, go check it out, set up an account, and help them get going!


  1. Hey is this blog still open? I found it a couple of days ago and it's AWESOME but there aren't any new posts...

    1. Hey Audrey, yes! It is still open. I check it every so often. I haven't updated in quite a long time but I check back in case anyone has questions or comments. I'll try to make some new posts soon. Thanks for visiting. :)

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  3. Anybody who reads this please answer because im really confused. So i started competing recently and on bars i got the same exact score as someone who medaled but i didnt medal. Why is this?

  4. Hey Anne, I'm not sure about that. The last time I competed was about 9 years ago, if I did my math right, so I wonder if the scoring rules have changed. I haven't brushed up on them lately. How were you scored, and what level are you competing? USAG website says for levels 5-9 the two highest execution scores are added up to break the tie (although I'm unsure here about the term "execution scores." Seems like this would only apply to an AA tie), or the highest judge's score is used as the tiebreaker. If the other gymnast didn't place in the last spot of placement during medaling, though, it seems like you should have received the next best medal. If she did place last (of the "medalers") then it would make sense. If you're still unclear, I'd ask your coach! Hope your season is going well!

  5. Thanks for replying. It turns out that they break the tie by whoever has the highest AA score. I know this is months after i posted that question lol ;)