Monday, July 5, 2010

A Gymnastics Poem, for Inspiration

Patience is a man's greatest virtue,
Or so the saying goes.
A gymnast must've said it
For a gymnast surely knows

That in this funny sport of ours
Discouragement runs high,
And at times the very best will find
This virtue has passed us by.

When hands are ripped and throbbing,
When every muscle is sore
Can a gymnast have the patience
To limp back in for more?

When you've lost moves you used to do
And progress seems so slow
Can you have faith in better days,
And not feel sad and low?

Can you admit you're frightened,
Yet not give in to fear?
Can you conquer pain, frustration,
And often even tears?

When someone else does something
You've tried so long to do
Can you really feel glad to her,
Or just pity for you?

And when success feels far away,
Your efforts all in vain,
Can you force yourself to wear a smile
And disregard the pain?

If despite the tribulations,
You can say, "I won't give in."
Maybe someday you'll discover
That it is your time to win!



  1. This poem has really inspired me!!! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Good, I'm glad you like it! My coaches printed copies of it and framed them for my teammates and I when we were competing, I thought it was pretty cool. Don't forget to click "follow" in the sidebar!

  3. I have dont worry(:

  4. is this a decent start to a poem?

    Gymnastics is my passion,
    My life, my fashion
    On floor you fly so high,
    Like you soaring in the sky,
    On beam you tumble on a 4 inch piece of wood,
    Hoping you did good,
    When you release from the bars,
    It feels like you’re gunna reach the stars,
    Oh vault, the feeling you get when you do a yurchenko full,
    Flying through the air like a beautiful seagull

    You feel so happy,
    Knowing you didn’t do crappy,
    Sticking that landing,
    Perfectly standing,
    Releasing from the bar,
    Flying so far,
    Not giving a care,
    While in the air,
    Tumbling, and tumbling across the beam,
    Knowing your living your dream!

  5. Cool :) I especially like the ending!

  6. A Gymnast's poem for Julia
    (written by her Dad)

    For many hours each day
    several days each week
    I work out with a passion
    for the goals that I seek

    I work for myself
    I work for the team
    Not all understand
    The gymnast's true dream

    I've traded time with my friends
    to hone mind, body, and spirit
    While I do love this sport
    there are times that I fear it

    I've endured rips and tears
    sore muscles and joints
    for a gymnast's life
    is about scoring high points

    I've conditioned my body
    day and night, until late
    I've worked very hard
    because this is my fate

    Meet day arrives
    and I'm so glad that its come
    It's time to show off
    what my training has done

    My team marches in
    with great grace and cheer
    but deep down inside
    I harbor some fear

    I face the judges
    I salute and I wave
    I will give the performance
    I know that they crave

    I think, point my toes
    keep my legs straight
    I smile and hope
    that today I'll be great

    The music plays
    and my routine I do start
    all nerves and apprehension
    fly right out of my heart.

    I strive for perfection
    when I leap onto the floor
    I do handsprings and flips
    and receive a high score

    On the vault I jump
    and try to get higher
    a perfect routine
    is my greatest desire

    On the beam I am graceful
    nary a wobble or trip
    cartwheels and walkovers
    with a high mid air split

    On the Bars I twirl
    and display my best tricks
    My dismount is perfect
    Smile, point, and stick

    My routine finishes
    to a loud cheering sound
    I'm called to the podium
    I've won the all-around

    I look to the bleachers
    I see my family is there
    Clapping and cheering
    With pride in their stare

    That's why I'm a gymnast
    and proud to be so
    all that's good in life
    is right here, that I know

  7. nice really long