Sunday, July 11, 2010

List of Compulsory Gymnastics Skills

This is an alphabetical list of COMPULSORY SKILLS only (by request). Bracketed is the abbreviation for the event(s) that skill is used on in levels 5 and 6. If you have questions on any of these moves, or on any other higher-level moves that I may not have listed, feel free to ask in a comment!

Aerial cartwheel [FX]
Baby giant [UB]
Backbend [FX]
Back handspring [FX]
Back hip circle [UB]
Back extension roll [FX]
Back tuck [FX]
Back walkover [FX,BB]
Cartwheel [FX,BB]
Cast [UB]
Cast to handstand [UB]
Clear hip circle (AKA free hip circle) [UB]
Dive roll [FX]
Front... Blah blah, all the same as the "back" skills.
Flyaway [UB]
Full turn [FX,BB]
Handstand [FX,BB]
Handspring vault [V]
Kip [UB]
Long-hang kip [UB]
Pivot turn [BB]
Roundoff [FX]
Scale [FX,BB]
Split jump [FX,BB]
Split leap [FX,BB]
Squat on [UB]
Straddle jump [FX]
Tap swing [UB]
Tuck jump [FX,BB]
Undershoot [UB]
Wendy (dismount) [BB]


  1. What's a flyaway again? I think I know but not for sure.

  2. I'm the one that likes reading ur advice and this helps a lot!!! I'm a level 3 and I have all the skills except for aerial, back tuck, ok nevermind hahh! I have more then half of them though!! This helps a ton! Thanks so much!! I'll be checking back tomorrow after camp!! I'm gunna be able to do a RO BHS BHS and possibly a BT!

  3. Good for you!! Camp is always a great place to crank out some skills.

    A flyaway is the level 6 (and up) dismount from bars, where the gymnast lets go of the high bar, flips (tuck, pike, layout, depending on the level), and lands on her feet.

  4. gymnasticsluver12July 12, 2010 at 6:24 PM

    ohh okk!! thankss!!

  5. heyy(: can u post another article thingy? please?(:

  6. What level do you think i should be on? like over all, and on each event! thanks so much! if u could post this as an article it would be much easier for me to find(:

    Handstand flatback
    Front handspring over actual vault

    Going to learn a back walkover soon! (hopefully!)
    Split Mount
    Mount the beam with a split!
    Split jump, Tuck jump, and stradle jump
    Side handstand dismount with a turn
    Front tuck dismount(i think)
    Glide Punch Pullover
    Front Hipcircle
    Back Hipcircle
    Shoot through
    Stride Circle
    Squat on, jump to high bar
    Tap swings
    Level 3,4,5 and going to learn the level 6 dismount
    Close to a baby giant
    Backhipcircle undershoot
    Learning a kip

    Front handspring
    Punch Front
    Handstand bridge and handstand roll
    Front walkover
    Back walkover
    Front Pike
    Front Limber
    Back Extension Roll
    Dive Roll
    Splits (Left and Middle)
    All the dance/ballet moves
    7 press handstands!
    Back tuck into the pit

    Tumble trac:
    Pike Open
    Front with a half
    Double fronthand spring front
    front layout!