Friday, December 31, 2010

January Questions and Comments

Please post here :) I would love topic requests if you have them, and if you want any posts written about specific skills that seem to be common among readers then I'll be happy to get something up for ya, but I need your input first. Thanks!

Happy New Year, everybody!


  1. what does having kids do front tucks up to the level four vault mat teach or progress too? why do they do it?

  2. It teaches them to keep their chest up in the front tuck. It's a pretty common problem for girls to run into their front tuck and then just drop their head and chest down to the ground, and that makes them basically land on their butt. So when they have to aim for a higher landing they're forced to keep their upper body up higher too. Hope that answers your question. :)

  3. Got any advice to keep my legs tighter in my floor routine? also in my beam how to i make it easier for me to stay on?

  4. On beam, maybe focus on keeping your stomach muscles tight the whole time. Also, I don't know if your coaches have told you this, but it helps to act like you have a rod going from your feet through your back, so you have a straight back and good posture (of course this doesn't apply to certain dance elements where you might want to be a little more fluid).

    As for floor... I'm not sure. Just focus on it as much as you can. Pretend like your legs are glued together. :P If you have an issue with leg separation on certain skills, like your back handspring, you might try doing the skill with a piece of paper between your knees trying not to lose it.

  5. okay thanks so much!! I have practice tomorrow and I'll letcha know how it goes! wish me luck!!!

  6. I have a meet tomorrow!!! My last meet I got bars: 8.65 beam: 8.2 Floor: 8.35 Vault: 9.0! So i had a 34.20 AA..Was that good? and also I've improved a lot on every event!!! Do you think that these are reasonable scores? I know it's not about them it's about knowing you've done your best but still(: I am shooting for around an 8.8-9.0 on bars, a 8.4-8.6 on beam, floor maybe an 8.5-8.9 and vault a 9.1-9.4? also is it a deduction if your coach is out on the floor to be there for you incase you need it but she never touches you?

  7. You did SO great at your last meet! A 34 AA at your first meet is really something to be proud of. I think the goals you set are awesome, too. They're high goals but not unrealistic ones, so that's perfect. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

    I believe there is a deduction for the coach stepping onto the floor, but I'm not positive. I've heard that the deduction would be .3 for being on the floor, and of course .5 if the coach spots since that's counted as a fall. Your coach should know for sure, though, so go ahead and ask him or her. :)

  8. gymnasticsluver you have youre meets on the same days i do! hah :P i have a meet today too!

  9. That's awesome callie!!! I have a meet on January 28 that's my next one and good luck!!! Were gunna kill it!!!

  10. today my scores were beam: 8.2 floor: 8.0 vault; 9.45!!!!!!!! bars: 8.85!!!!! and I got second on vault and third on bars!!!!(:

  11. WOWOWOWOW!!! Look at you, girl! Congrats! That vault score is FANTASTIC!

  12. good job gynasticsluver :) i got 9.0 on floor, 9.5 if i did my ROBHS by myself :P
    9.1 on vault because my footing was off so i messed up
    8.4 on bars because i fell on my mill circle and and i brushed my feet agaisnt the mat in the glide) -.-
    8.7 on beam because of my leap ( i didnt fall, but it counted as a fall.)
    9.2 if i didnt fall on my leap!! :) 35.2 AA. i

    got 1st on beam and on vault, second on floor and 6th on bars :P first AA, but noone else is competing in my age group.. -.- my goal is to get 36.5 or 37 or get ALL 9.? on all events :) i have a meet this weekend, i hope i can do it :P

  13. Wow, Callie that is super impressive! Two 9's!! Both of you are doing so great!

  14. thanks so much!!(: I was ECSTATIC with my vault score!!! My bars score was also good!! They're my best!! I love floor but I'm not good at back tumbling I'm the best at front!!! i've gotta front handspring punch front front pike front layout front handspring stepout front handspring front handspring punch front front handspring front pike!!(:

  15. Hi(: Just a real quick question. We were practicing squat ons today in class, and I was wondering if you had any tips on getting the cast high enough so that I can get my feet on the bar in time. :/ I would get nervous of flipping forward by accident, even though my coach was spotting me, so I would do really low casts and barely get my feet onto the bar. Any tips on improving this?

  16. Ahhh I know squat ons can be scary at first. The weird thing is that even though the fear comes from feeling like you're falling forward, the farther you lean your shoulders over the bar, the better the cast will be and the more successful the squat on. So essentially, the more you feel like you're falling forward, the better (to a certain extent). Keep practicing your casts really leaning your shoulders over the bar. Get a good grip on the bar so you feel secure, and drive your heels like you do on vault! Good luck. :)

  17. Heyy. I really want to go to a big gymnastics camp this summer but all of them are uuber you know any good ones that are uuber expensive? like how much is IGC or woodward?

  18. For Woodward you're looking at about $1,000 for the week long session, and I'm thinking that's pretty typical for the bigger camps.

    IGC's website says they have early registration discounts. "Register by January 31, 2011 for a rate of $920 per session. Register by February 28, 2011 for a rate of $945 per session" So if you'll want to do that you might want to talk to your parents and start thinking about it now.

    The Karolyi camp is more reasonable. $445 per session, which is 5 days.

    If you wanna do something a little more affordable, I might look into programs that go through the YMCA or local universities. Google search gymnastics camps in your area and see what you can find! :)

  19. Ok, thanks! I'll try leaning forward a little more next time. (:

  20. I have 2 questions...a few weeks ago I tried to do back walkover but fell on my head. I was able to do them up until my coaches think I have like a cerrated vertebrae in my for the level 6 beam routine there's a back walkover..and in the level 5 floor routine...what are the other options? also could you like make a post of optional skills for level's 4 5 6 and maybe 7? thanks!

  21. Yikes. That doesn't sound good :/ Have you seen a doctor?

    Unfortunately there aren't any other options to replace the BWO with. You don't have to compete the walkovers if you think it's going to hurt your back, but you'll lose the points for missing an element in levels 5 and 6. Once you get to level 7 you can compete a cartwheel back handspring or cartwheel cartwheel for your beam series if you don't want to use the BWO anymore. That's what I did. And by that point you won't need it in your floor routine anymore either.

    What do you mean by optional skills? Optional level? Or just extra skills to work on for fun? You can't compete optional-level skills until you are an optional (level 7+).

  22. Hi again. (: Ok, well I saw gymnasticsluver's question about summer camps, and decided to look into some. I was looking at IGC, and it looks AMAZING. I asked my parents, and they said I could maybe go for only one week, since its so expensive, and I live in the same state. (: But I was wondering, do you know if they group you by age and ability, or just ability? I don't know if you know, but I was wondering since I haven't even been doing gymnastics for a year, I can't do much yet, and I didn't want to be with younger kids. :/

    Also, would there even be gymnasts my age who are kind of beginners at gymnastics? On their website, it said about 50% of the people who go there are beginners, but I didn't know if any of them would be my age. (14)

    Last question. (: Do you know like how much you would get accomplished in a week there? Since its five days of working on gymnastics for most of the day, I would think a lot, but would I actually accomplish skills by the time I left? Such as back handsprings, if I don't get mine by then, or some skills on the other events?

    If you know the answer to any of those questions, that'd be great. (: Thanks so much!!

  23. Hey, gymnastics4ever! Glad you wanna go to camp! I wish I had gone. It looks like so much fun.

    I'm not sure how they do the grouping at IGC. I would assume by ability and not so much by age, but I can't be positive (anyone on the blog, if you've been to IGC, please let us know!! Otherwise, gym4ever, your parents could give the camp a call and ask). You might be with younger kids, but there would most likely be a few older girls there as well. You may relate with some of the younger kids, also, just because you'd be working together on similar skills with similar struggles.

    Most girls come back from camp with new skills. It depends, and I can't tell you for sure that you will learn a certain number of skills, but I definitely think that all the time in the gym, the equipment, and the amazing coaches will help you make a good amount of progress. You'll most likely be introduced to new drills that might help you out.

    Hope this helps! Sorry I'm not able to give you too many specifics.

  24. i'm super nervous.. i move to level five in a few weeks ( after my level four competition this week, im starting my level five routines) and i need to get my straight arm kip ): i have a bent arm kip but we dont really work on bars alot so its not as consistent as use to be.
    why isnt it straight? its making me SO stressed out!! :/

  25. Thanks.(:

  26. I'm having trouble with long hang kips....I get my feet up to the bar but its hard for me to slide up....any advice? and into the pit I do a front tuck and then twist towards the rod floor...what's that called? do you know? thanks! and then on my standing back handspring I'm not able to land on my stinkin feet!!!! Do you have any advice? thank youu!!

  27. @Callie, cool! Are you excited about level 5? Keep working on the kip and doing your push ups. It could be either a timing issue or a strength issue. The more you practice it, the more your muscles will remember how the motion is supposed to work. Good luck. :)

    @gymnasticsluver - The long hang kip issue could be any number of things. It's hard to tell when I haven't seen it. Could be the timing of when you bring your feet to the bar or the way you tap and glide. Your coach should be able to help you out :) I don't know exactly what you mean with the front tuck. Is it a front tuck with a half twist? Those are fun!! For the handspring, again, it's hard for me to pinpoint the problem when I haven't seen you do it. What does your coach say about it? Good luck at your next practice!

  28. For my long hang kip i bring my feet up to the bar but it's hard for me to slide my feet up to get my hips on the bar...and my coach says im not pushing off enough..and yeah a front tuck with a half twist(:

  29. i had my meet today! didnt reach my goal ):
    bars - 8.7
    beam - 9.45
    vault - 8.7
    floor- 9.1

    35.95 SOOO CLOSEE 00.5 to 36.00! -.- i got 2nd place. the judges were super tough too!

  30. Hiii, I have a question about USAG. (: Well, I absolutely looove gymnastics, but now I'm wondering if I should do the club team, like I was planning, or USAG. :/ I would definately pick USAG, if it wasn't for my age, and my late start. Do you think I could get to level 4 by next year, when the new competitions will start? Or even level 5? Or is that unrealistic?
    Also, if I were to make it, would there be anybody else in my age division? I feel like I would definately be the oldest there. :/
    Thaaanks:), -gymnastics4ever

    And btw, Callie!, or gymnasticsluver, are there any older kids in your age divisions? Or is it mostly younger kids? Sorry, I'm just wondering. (:

  31. Callie, that's incredible! Awesome scores!! Two 9s is fantastic. :)

    gymnastics4ever - What is the club team? Usually when somebody refers to club team, it's a team that participates in the J.O. competitive program, which is a part of USAG. I definitely think you could work towards level 4 for next year if you're interested in competing. Most likely you'd be the oldest girl (I forget how old you are - 13? But most girls will probably be 6-9). That's really okay, though. The important part is that you're getting to do everything you want to do in gymnastics!

  32. i have a question. i was thinking about asking my mom if i could do 1 hr privates every week to help get my level five skills ( ie robhsbhs, kip.) and polish skills that i already have like my front handspring on vault but only till march. but idk, because i feel coach wouldn't like that or something. like, idk..i feel like i would be using up her free time! we don't work on the skills for level five because people still need level four skills.. ;/

  33. You'd have to check with the coach and see if private lessons are something that she does or is willing to do. No harm in asking. :) But of course check with your mom first to see that it would work cost-wise, because privates can get pretty pricey. Another option would just be to have your mom talk with the coach if you're feeling like you're being held back and just explain the issue. She may have some ideas that would allow you to work on some level 5 skills during practice.

  34. Yesterday...I was at open gym and I was in a tunnel and I was sitting in a weird position and I came out and my knee was in scruciating pain.I couldn't straighten it AT ALL! So my friend and one of the people there passed me over and under the bars and then carried me up the steps to the front desk and I got ice and I was crying my eyes out and I was able to straighten it a little more after five minutes and then I just twitched my knee and it popped back into knee popped out to the outside of my knee and finally popped back in..and now its swollen and kinda was a fun weekend(:

  35. Oh my goodness!! Ow :( Hope it's better now! Ha, well now you have a battle scar in the form of a giant bruise!


    gymnasticsluver, callie, and gymnastics4ever, if you have specific skills you want separate posts on please let me know which skills!!!!! I'm overdue for a post and I want to post things you all will find helpful!

  36. long hang kip.....back extension to handstand.....kip..........front handspring on vault

  37. I really couldn't tell you what the team is. :/ haha, I'm not completely sure. On my gym's website, the only discription they give about it is stuff like gymnasts from kindergarten to high school can join, and high schoolers can represent their school in WPIAL meets. (WPIAL is like high school gymnastics where I live) When I asked my friend who is on the team, she just said that you pretty much compete at your own level, as long as you have enough skills. I don't really know how it works yet. :/ I think its just kind of for people who don't want all the traveling and costs, USAG, or like started when they were older, stuff like that. Not completely sure though.

    And also, a post on back extention rolls or front and back walkovers would be great. (:

  38. can you do a post on kip, long hang kip, front tuck, free hip and cast handstand? :)

  39. @gymnastics4ever -

    Oh, okay. Well the team sounds like it's a pretty cool program! I'm guessing it's also less stressful and less expensive than a USAG team. So it may be something that fits well into your lifestyle, since you're in school and probably have homework and all that. I'd look further into it, for sure!

    I did write a post on back extension rolls quite a while ago. If you search for it with the side search bar, you should find it! :)

    @Callie -

    Okay, sure! Good suggestions. Hopefully I'll get one up soon. I'm back to school these days so things are starting to get busy again, but I'll do my best to keep up!

  40. Hello, i have a gymnast that i teach in level four. Lets call her Jenna. Jenna is talented and is 13 years old. She started gymnastics last year, and has so far progressed beyond anyone else expectations for her. Jenna is the one of the strongest, and has alot of other skills then the other girls in Level Four. But lately, she has been on a downward spiral and i've noticed a high intensity of frustration coming from her. For an example, today in class i was working with a girl on her back handspring on the cheese wedge, i allowed the girl to do. Jenna does not have her back handspring on the cheese and Jenna started getting upset over the girl, lets call her Katelyn, getting her back handspring before she her self did. She was very upset, and started to get upset about it, but didnt start crying untill after her turn, where she did get to try her backhandspring but wasn't doing it correctly and changed the way she was doing them. ( very undercutted ) and she went on to the next station, and she broke down, asked to leave and go to the bathroom.. she came back, and was clearly still very upset, but was no longer crying. This has happened many times in practice before. To me, she seems to be very competitive, and has to be the first to get skills, in order to remain on top ( although she has many skills the other girls do not have.) This happens at meets too. She'll get excellent, excellent scores ( scoring high 8s, and low-mid 9s.) and will still be very upset ( she doesn't cry, but she'll tuck her knees in on the floor, and separate her self from her team mates.) although she more then likely won 1st place AA in all ages combined in level four. I really don't know what to do with her anymore. This girl, Katelyn has been having very good practices, while Jenna isn't on her high notes lately and i think she might feel intimidated by Kaitlyn and beats her self up about not being the best at a given skill. I don't feel like the crying episodes are to get attention, but rather her being a perfectionist and highly competitive. Clearly, those two just don't mix very well with eachother! I dont know what to do or say to this girl, she is starting to get very emotionally drawn and if she continues on this path, i feel like eventually she will just give up and quit because she isn't the 'best' or doesn't feel like shes the 'best' of the 'best'. If you have any advice, it is very much appericated at this point!

    - Christina Dezmoni

  41. Thanks! I'll look for the post. (: But also, we were doing round off dismounts in practice the other day, and I could NOT do them. We were doing them off the high beam, and my coach was there to spot us and everything, but I was still really scared...I ended up kicking up, but my legs would go side-ways, nowhere near all the way up. I think the fear of it is stopping me or something, because we were going around stations, and we did them probably 4 or 5 times each, so every time I did it, I couldn't do it. ): All the other girls seem fine with it, but I don't why I can't. I can do a round off fine on the floor, so I should be able to do a decent one on beam. :/ Any advice? Like maybe going to open gym and practicing on the low beam, would that help? Because like 25% of the girls already got it, and moved onto one that I think looks easier for me...its pretty much a handstand on the end of the beam, and just falling, kinda like a front walkover, off of it.

    Thanks sooo much!

  42. @Christina -

    That's so tough. It seems like she's competitive with the other girls but also just sets incredibly high standards for herself and puts a lot of pressure on herself. That's an internal thing that she's going to have to work out over time. Perfectionist types tend to stay that way, at least to an extent, no matter how others influence them. It's tough as a coach to know when to step in, and when it's going too far. Do her parents know that she has these little episodes during practice and that she gets so upset? It might help to talk to them, if they aren't aware. If you have not visited, I would absolutely urge you to post your question there, as well, to get various opinions from parents and coaches. I'm not a parent so I can't give you tons of insight. I guess if I were in your shoes, my gut would tell me to try to be that voice of encouragement in her life to let her know that it's okay not to be perfect (in fact, it's better than okay). Keep encouraging her to do her best work, whatever her best work may be, even if it's a 6.0 or whatever. I would also suggest sitting down with her and setting REALISTIC goals before meets. Rather than setting a goal for a certain score, maybe her goal could be keeping her legs together in her back handspring or sticking her handstand on beam, etc. In the recreational class I teach we don't have too many girls who take it as seriously as Jenna does, but I have BEEN Jenna before when I was competitive. I was always that girl. The parents play a huge role, but what you can do as a coach is just to be an encourager. Again, visit the Chalk Bucket. Multiple opinions may be beneficial. Please let me know how things go!

  43. @gymnastics4ever -

    I can tell you with 90% certainty that it's a fear issue somewhere in the back of your mind. That's totally understandable, you're trying something brand new from 4 ft. in the air. As you keep practicing you should get more comfortable with it. Do you have a medium height beam? Maybe you could practice off of there. Even a floor beam might work, to an extent, just to help you get the feel for it.

    I think roundoff dismounts can seem just terrifying at first, but when you think about it, they're actually quite safe. You've kicked up and over, so there's really no way you'll hit the beam. There's only open space around you and a soft mat underneath you. :) Good luck!

  44. Thanks. (: And ya, we have a couple medium beams. We were actually doing them on there a few weeks ago, and I still had the same problem. :| But, I'll try them on the low beam maybe and work my way back up at practice. (:

  45. had practice today, know my level five beam routine! now justt gotta work on bars and floor x100 :P hopefully be ready by march... :/

  46. I got my back extension to handstand yesterday!!! I'm so happy...but now I have to do that on beam!!! Ughh!!! I need advice for that on beam!! please help!!

  47. i know youre asking hakuna, but bwos are easier imo ;P

  48. i can't do back walkovers due to my cerrated vertabrae in my back :/ i know they are a lot easier but i'm not cappable of them sadly..:(

  49. @gymnasticsluver - Are you competing a back extension roll on beam instead of a back walkover for level 6?! I didn't know that was possible! Did they change the rules recently? Man, I gotta keep up with all this craziness! Well congrats on getting it on floor!

  50. Hellooo. (: I just have a question about getting my splits. Whenever we're stretching in practice, the only muscles I can feel that hurt when I'm stretching are my hamstrings. I think its because of the other two stretches before the splits, like the lunge and then the one where you have the straight leg and you touch you nose to your knee. That helps those muscles, so I can slide down farther, but the only thing keeping me from sliding down are my hamstrings. :/ do you have any stretches I can do at home to help that flexibility?
    Thanks! (:

  51. If you're feeling it in your hamstrings, that means you're doing it right! That's where you should feel the stretch. It's a good indication that you're doing your splits with nice square hips, facing forward. Just continuing to work on your splits will stretch out that muscle and allow you to get all the way down over time.

  52. hey hakuna! well since some people have like back problems idk how long theyve had this rule but you can do a back extension to handstand but i think that's only if you can't do a back walkover due to physical reasons!! haha! but I'm so esctatic i got it on floor..i just gotta work on form!!! haha!

  53. what skills do you need to get a double layout? like what would be the pregression to it? what skills would you normally have before a double layout?

  54. Oh, that's cool gymnasticsluver! I'm excited for ya! Glad you won't have to put too much strain on your back.

    Callie, Ayy. Um. Well, after your basic RO BHS LO, you'd learn your full, your double full, your double back (tucked), double back (piked), and from there it gets sloppy with lots of different passes. Obviously you have your front tumbling in the midst of all that, but that doesn't really apply. Definitely a progression from a double back tuck to a pike to a lay, though, to help you figure out how to really pull to get the double rotation. Always starts into a pit. Did that answer your question?

  55. Got another meet this weekend...any advice? I have my scores and stuff from last time up there ^^^^ if you wanna look(: thanks!

  56. Wooohoo gymnasticsluver! That's exciting. You're doing so well. Maybe pick one specific goal for each event. Ex: Hold handstand on beam? That's a good one. I don't know, what do you think? My advice is always just to have a blast :D

  57. A Gymnast's poem for Julia
    (written by her Dad)

    For many hours each day
    several days each week
    I work out with a passion
    for the goals that I seek

    I work for myself
    I work for the team
    Not all understand
    The gymnast's true dream

    I've traded time with my friends
    to hone mind, body, and spirit
    While I do love this sport
    there are times that I fear it

    I've endured rips and tears
    sore muscles and joints
    for a gymnast's life
    is about scoring high points

    I've conditioned my body
    day and night, until late
    I've worked very hard
    because this is my fate

    Meet day arrives
    and I'm so glad that its come
    It's time to show off
    what my training has done

    My team marches in
    with great grace and cheer
    but deep down inside
    I harbor some fear

    I face the judges
    I salute and I wave
    I will give the performance
    I know that they crave

    I think, point my toes
    keep my legs straight
    I smile and hope
    that today I'll be great

    The music plays
    and my routine I do start
    all nerves and apprehension
    fly right out of my heart.

    I strive for perfection
    when I leap onto the floor
    I do handsprings and flips
    and receive a high score

    On the vault I jump
    and try to get higher
    a perfect routine
    is my greatest desire

    On the beam I am graceful
    nary a wobble or trip
    cartwheels and walkovers
    with a high mid air split

    On the Bars I twirl
    and display my best tricks
    My dismount is perfect
    Smile, point, and stick

    My routine finishes
    to a loud cheering sound
    I'm called to the podium
    I've won the all-around

    I look to the bleachers
    I see my family is there
    Clapping and cheering
    With pride in their stare

    That's why I'm a gymnast
    and proud to be so
    all that's good in life
    is right here, that I know

  58. I absolutely love that poem. Makes me so happy to see a parent who really, really loves and is proud of his daughter and who understands everything she puts into her sport! She must be so grateful for all of your support!

    That gave me an idea... Any parents out there, if you want to surprise your gymmie and have her featured on a Blog Reader Profile post to include a photo, meet results, basic info, favorite event, current skills, etc. shoot me an email!! I would love to put the spotlight back onto all the incredibly hardworking gymnasts who read the blog.

  59. OMG!! RO BHS! ALL BY MYSELF tonight just in time for my comp!!!!(: EEPPP!!!

  60. Congratulations, girl!!! I knew you would get it! All that hard work paid off. :)

  61. yes it did!!! I'm so happy cause it'll be my first time competing with out a spot!!! I havev my meet tomrrow at 8 in the morning!!! Any advice? any at all would be greatt!!!!(: and these are the scores I hope to get..I don't care if i reach them as long as i know i did the best i could..but here they are

    Beam: 8.1-8.6
    vault and bars are my strongest(: what were your's when you did gymanstics?

  62. Advice: Eat carbs for dinner and get a good night's sleep!! I'm excited to see how it goes without a spot :)

    I was strong on everything but beam. Beam was horrible for me at meets, lol. I would literally shake the entire time.

  63. hi :) i did my straight arm kip today! i was soo happy. it was just what i needed! its been SUCH a frustrating month with gymnastics :P the coach was like " go to a backhandspring on that mat" and i was like WHAT? loll! i did them by myself before..but that was awhile ago.. how do i get over the fear of doing them by myself??

  64. Congrats, Callie!!! That's a huge deal! Big skill. :)

    As for the handsprings, I would continue to do it with a spot until you feel comfortable. You can't rush it.

  65. I had my meet today..and it didn't go as planned..I got a 9.35 on vault, 8.4 on bars I fell forward into a stride circle right away. a 7.5 on beam (2 falls, I almost started crying) and the best score I've ever had on floor..a 9.15!! I was happy with that but I felt so disappointed...Is that normal?

  66. gymnasticsluver, are you competing in sanctioned meets? or get youre feet wet/unsanctioned? also, are you a level four? when are you advancing? sorry..just curious :P

  67. yeah I'm in sanctioned..and yeah I'm a level 4 but I'm moving up in may and then the next move ups are in august..and my coach said i have a chance at moving up to 6 in august depending on how i advance in 5. I have my kip and almost my long hang..but i have my punch front and front handspring step out front handspring(: you seem great(:

  68. I love that you guys support each other. :)

    @gymnasticsluver, I think your meet scores are great! Two 9's!! Falls just happen sometimes. It's kinda rough when they do. But now you have something to aim for next time!

  69. two do you get more of a rebound out of a fhs, and how do you cast out of a kip?

  70. Good questions! Both, of course, have to do with the way that you do the first skill. For the fhs rebound, you want to get a really good pop off your shoulders and a good arch in the handspring so that you're able to get your feet under and behind you, if that makes sense. That makes the rebound easy and natural for going into a front tuck or whatever you're doing next. For the kip, it's mostly about ending with your feet in front of the bar and your shoulders leaning forward, ready for the cast. Hope that helps! :)