Friday, August 13, 2010

Back Extension Roll Tips

I'm answering this in a separate post because I think quite a few people have trouble with back extension rolls at first. I know I did. So, to the anonymous reader who asked the question, getting only a few inches off the ground and then falling back down is an extremely common problem with this skill. It's a practice-makes-perfect move, nobody gets it exactly right on the first try.

The back extension roll is dependent on timing and strength. As you roll back, make sure that you're keeping your arms straight (VERY IMPORTANT! Bending you arms and pushing up is incorrect and judges hate it) as well as pushing your arms/hands hard into the ground as you open your shoulder angle. You will use your abs to help elevate your body. You can start with a backward roll to the hollow push-up position and slowly work your way up to the extension to handstand. Hope that helps!

Photo provided by cgill on Flickr.


  1. Hey, I love your blog, and I'm about to start gymnastics, and I'm 15. Can you post a blog about things we should eat and some exercises to make you more flexible and strong, please?
    Thank you!

  2. can u post another blog please?!(: like the one ^^^ haha! thanks so much! I love your blog! oh and maybe like the skills that you have to know for level 7 to put together ur own routine!? thatd be great!

  3. hey guys :) So glad the blog is helpful. I've been really busy recently, so forgive me if it's a while before the next post. I hope to get back to blogging more actively next week!

  4. hi i'm kaylie :) i've been viewing youre blog for a while and have noticed youre extremely helpful. I usually don't post, just look but recently i've been feeling really discouraged and frustrated at practice lately. Theres another girl in my class whom i use to be ahead of skill wise, but since we all moved up a level into a new practice class shes seems to be catching on easier then i have. I use to be able to do a clean backhandspring which she said was very good the first week of class ( with a spot, but. she said i was right there.) now its messy, and has a low set and i lean to low or something, and now when i was just starting to get that she makes us start from scratch ( ?? ) and do hollow out our chest before we swing back, and jump backwards. as you can hopefully imagine, having to keep from setting to low, hollow out our chests,( push our boobs out.) and lean back enough has really got me undercutitng really low, and then the girl goes and does it and shes like good job! anyway besides from that i'm trying to move up a level and i feel like shes beating me..i know i shouldnt compare myself to her but its very hard when she seems to get more attention then i do, and i get zero attention. I know i do have alot more skills then she has ( ie floor front tumbling passes, sqaut on to bars, tap swings, exstention roll, carthweel + backwardover on beam and almost handspring on vault) but it seems like shes catching up tthe more easy skills then i have ( i just lost my dismount of bars for level four? i havent tried it since three days ago because i'm scared i won't be able to do it and she will be doing it perfect. i was doing it good..but then i lost it?) I feel like i havent benefited from having a good coach in the past, thus i have ALOT of habits that i thought was good as my other teach who taught me before this teacher so its really frustrating to see her getting ahead of me and the coach whom has VERY high expectiations for me and think i'm not as good.. ;/ what should i do? quit?

  5. Ok, so I'm a level 3, but if I hadn't have told you, what level do you think I would be? On AA, floor, bars, beam and vault?
    My coach said that I could quite possibly go to 5 for next season if i just get like 4 more skills!
    Anyway what are all the level 5 requirements? level 6? And what tumbling skills do you need to go to optionals?
    Sorry if this is confusing!!! I hope you understand!
    And also! PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE ON ANYTHING I SHOULD KNOW! Do you think I have the SLIGHTEST chance at coming an elite?
    So these are all my skills:

    Handstand flatback
    Front handspring over actual vault (kinda)

    Split Mount
    Mount the beam with a split!
    Split jump, Tuck jump, and straddle jump
    Side handstand dismount with a turn (sorta)
    Front tuck dismount(i think)
    Back walkover on floor beam
    Split leap and land in arabesque

    Glide Punch Pullover
    Front Hipcircle
    Back Hipcircle
    Shoot through
    Stride Circle
    Squat on, jump to high bar
    Tap swings
    Level 3,4,5 and level 6 or close!
    Close to a baby giant
    Backhipcircle undershoot
    The first part of the kip
    Cast to a mini handstand

    Roundoff backhandspring with a spotter
    Front handspring
    Punch Front
    Handstand bridge and handstand roll
    Front walkover (sorta)
    Back walkover
    Front Pike
    Front Limber
    Back Extension Roll
    Dive Roll
    All splits and left over splits!
    All the dance/ballet moves
    7 press handstands!
    Somewhat of a front layout
    Level 3, and 4 ballet moves, and partially level 5

    Tumble trac:
    Pike Open
    Front with a half
    Double fronthand spring front

    And also I need advice on a better front walkover (the hardest part for me is getting up) and how to hold my handstand longer, and advice on my back walkover on beam!!? An roundoff back handspring by myself! Thanks so much!! If you could just answer 1 or all of these questions that would be great! and also add your own opinions! Even if its critique!

  6. hey so i dont know if you've ever felt this wayy buttttt..... so today ive just been feeling so fat!! And i havent eaten that much!! but i feeel fat like all the time!!! I'm 5'3 and 1/2 and i weigh 113, and im 12 almost 13! have u ever felt this way cuz i feel soo fatt!!! i havent been to gymnastics since wednesday! so i just did some conditioning to maybe help me outt....can u give me advice to do when i feel fat and bloated and can u also answer the one ^^^^^ please?

  7. hi i had my backward roll to pushup, but i lost it due to practicing this and getting in the habbit of putting my feet in to candle stick ^ instead of back. i'm getting over with straight arms..but... my arms are ending right under my boobs, on the rib bone thingy instead of in pushup position? why is this? how do i fix it!? D: