Friday, August 27, 2010

Tip #1: Being a great gymnast.

I will be posting a series of tips to help you become the best gymnast you can be. Here is the first of the tips. It might seem simple and unrelated, but I assure you it is not :)

Tip #1: Support your teammates.. Establishing a close bond with your teammates by praising them for their accomplishments, as well as supporting them during the rough patches, will make for smoother practices. If you encourage your teammates, they will encourage you back. I can honestly say that I would never have been able to progress at the rate that I did in this sport if I had not had the constant support of the people around me. My coaches and teammates helped me to overcome fears and to keep pushing even when I was frustrated and tired. A simple high-five and a "good job" when I achieved something new was enough to get me really pumped up to keep working hard. Try this out at your next practice. If this is something you already do, keep doing it! Maybe there is a teammate that you don't talk to as often or don't know quite as well as the others; try giving her a high-five next time, or telling her you know she can do it. Being a good teammate is just as awesome as being on the podium at a meet.

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