Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reader updates!! Poll: Season goals and current skills.

I want to know how your skills are coming along! And what is your number 1 goal for the upcoming season?


  1. My skills are great! I have my back handspring on tramp and my back walkover on floor(I'm gunna do that in my level 3 floor routine instead of backbend kickover) I'm not afraid of beam anymore(: And my number one goal is to win AA and to skip level 4 and go to 5 since I have all but 2 of my level 5 skills!!!

  2. That is an awesome goal :D How cool would that be?! Keep me posted on your progress! And way to go with getting over your fear on beam!

  3. i'm working on getting my backhandspring and splits+split leaps..
    i have a question for you! i'm working on my back exstention roll. i'm getting to my headstand, and lifting half an inch off the ground before going back to the head stand..
    why is this? am i getting close? how long do you think it will take to i have it? :) thanks!

  4. I know it would be amazing! Because like I've said before my dream is to be an elite! And I've been working so hard to achieve everything! And thanks! And on Monday my coach said were gunna work on RO BHS! :/ i hope i can do it!! Maybe even by myself!! thanks for this blog!! Do you have any advice in general? thanks!

  5. hi!(: I asked a question under "question from a reader (gymnasticsluver) or something like that, so whenever you get a chance, please answer! I need to know soon.(: thank you!
    But also, I realized that WPIAL gymnastics (what i asked about) might just be for my state, Pennsylvania. :/ So, if it is, can you just asnwer to the best of your ability about gymnastics like that? Because I know nothing about it. :/

    But anyways! haha, I kinda have my handstand, but i think i go up into it wrong (i havnt really started classes yet!) i start with both feet together, i kind swing my arms up and then go into it. I have the arm strenght to hold myself up, but I can't balance! I mean, sometimes I'll go up for one second, sometimes five. It justs depends how well I balance that time. What are some tips to start out right, and be able to balance as long as you can hold yourself up? Do i need more ab strength or something like that?

    Ok, Im sorry. haha(: That was long. But thank you soooo much!! you don't know how helpful this has been as I am a beginner.(: